Carving on location                                  






On-site carvings are my specialty. Each tree is unique within its own self, which guarantees that every sculpture will be a "one of a kind".

Sometimes we get to choose

the subject, and sometimes

the tree chooses for itself..!

(Or guides us along)


For example,  a large stump can be almost anything you like, but the smaller trees have less options. I consider bends, twists, and other abnormalities a bonus to the finished product. Things like a theme, history, or background setting can all very much help with the idea process.


If you have a tree that you are interested in having carved simply mail or e-mail me a picture of it. Please try to have a person standing along side so that I can better gauge the size. It is helpful to know the type of tree, but not necessary. 



Please include your phone number or best way to contact you and I'll be happy to share some ideas. In many cases I am able to quote you a price without actually seeing the tree, as well as explain the follow up treatment and life expectancy of the finished piece. 


 Thanks, I look forward to hearing From you!                      




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