I have been a professional tree carver for over 25 years and travel the country sculpting on-site tree stumps. An extensive background in all types of wood working enable me to produce many different styles of custom commission work from the studio, and unique installations as well. 

     Over the years I have been featured in several magazine stories, numerous television interviews, and over 100 news paper articles promoting chainsaw carving as a dynamic new art form. I continue to write extensively on the subject and have been nationally published more than 50 times in various trade magazines.  

      On the home front; I was a long time member of the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh where I served as president for seven years. Commission work in and around the city of Pittsburgh include institutions such as The Children's Museum, Frick Environmental center, Phipps Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, plus a host of private clients. 

     What once started out as a desire to create large wooden sculptures with a chainsaw has now evolved into a passion that takes me all across the country, just down the road, and many wonderful places in-between. I hope you enjoy your visit to my little carving site, and please check back from time to time as it's ever expanding........


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Joe King- the "Treecarver"

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